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Miami to Key West or Miami to The Bahamas

Enjoy the south of Florida and the Key West Islands with a German "Insider" who knows where all the right spots are and, best of all, can fly you there. Select cities include Miami, Naples and all the fun spots in Key West and/or The Bahamas. It's a special that's offered just once a year to a handful of great clients of The Radio Group. Special rates start at just 2.499 Euro. For more information, contact Spirit of Bahamas today.

We've flown with Eike before and the experience was just terrific. What we especially liked was the fact that everything was so personal and miles away from a typical commercial service. We actually felt that we had our our personal pilot (and co-pilot) and were just juanting around like rich folk. It's a very special and unique service. - Frederick K., Eagle, Idaho

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